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#!/Shabang | Condution

This. Is. Condution. A project management system that makes sense and will not burn your pockets out.

Those Download Buttons?

👉 Direct Download the latest version of Condution here! 👈

Also, here's the App Store & Play Store links for y'all phone nerds out there.

The App

Condution is a wonderful electron app built to create a perfectly easy task-management dashboard that's powerful, yet also simple. The inspiration of the project spanned from our long frustration with the current state of productivity software on the internet — they are expensive and often complicated to use.

Condution attempts to change this. We want to create an open-source productivity/task-management app that is both simple, and, well, free (but we do take Patreon donations though).

This. Is. (Actually.) Condution.


Condution is a powerful yet incredibly simple check-list application that supports your needs from study, to business, and to life. Bring Condution with you across the globe and let it be your second brain — so you can focus on living your best life.

Your Favorite Task-List

Create tasks, manage them in projects, add some tags, set due dates, and repeat them at will. Condution has the whole nine-yards of the core list-making features nailed so you can create and edit anything from grocery lists to hundred-task projects.

Filters and Perspectives

Filter tasks by tag? Check. Filter by projects? Check. Filter by due date? Check. Filter by due date and project with tags and sort tasks based on defer date while hiding everything that's not availale? You bet.

Collaborative Workspaces

create and share "workspaces" by tapping on the "personal workspace" badge found on the upcoming view. These workspaces are collaborative Condution views in which everyone — regardless if they have an account — can collaborate on Condution!

Tag Weights

Tags are weighted! You can now set a tag to be more "heavy" than others (say.. High Energy with a weight of 10, Low Energy with a weight of 0.5), and these weight values will reflect across various parts of the interface (including a "loading bar" on projects) to give you an intuitive view of how "hard" something will be.

Due + Start Dates (and Times!)

Yes, you heard it right! Unlike some of the other apps out there, we know that timing is important to people! Every task is hidden until a certain time and due at precisely at a time, so you know your day can be managed right down to your needs.

Sequential and Parallel Projects!

Some tasks can't really be done without others before it being done first, and we understand that. Tasks blocked in a sequential project could be hidden if needed, and shown again when ready.

The Team

We are Shabang, a software development company aiming to design innovative solutions for interesting issues with fun and creative products.

We happen also to be a group of students from the silicon valley wanting to make this world slightly better with technology.

Developing n' Building

Thanks for developing with us! Our preferred package manager is yarn. If you don't know what that is, teach yourself the ways of the Soydev.

We assume here that you have node 12+ installed. If you don't, do it. When we use $ROOT in these docs, we mean the root of the repository.

First, a quick note on cloning.

Begin by cloning the project at

The default branch should be the main development branch, and the branch master is the currently released version.

This package has submodules! When you clone, make sure to clone submodules along with it by either git clone --recursive or, after you clone, git submodule init then git submodule update.

Firebase Connection

After cloning the package (with Submodules!), you need to add a lovely file into $ROOT/src/backend/ called secrets.json. It contains your Firebase key objects (to power the Engine), which you need to gather following these instructions. Here's an example secrets.json:

    "dbkeys": {
        "deploy": {
            "apiKey": "...",
            "authDomain": "...",
            "appId": "..."
        "debug": {
            "apiKey": "...",
            "authDomain": "...",
            "appId": "..."

We use two different Firebase projects for debug and deploy respectively. If you are only debugging, no need to include a different set of keys for deploy.

The Yarn CLI

secrets.json in, you are ready to Conduct (verb: to write Condution)! Get all of the necessary project dependencies by issuing the command yarn in $ROOT. Just yarn.

You probably also need the Ionic CLI tools, which you can install by running npm install -g @ionic/cli.

With everything installed, execute your favourite CLI command to get started!

yarn \
   ionic:dist — builds optimized web version/build folder
   ionic:runios — runs the dev server + ios hooks
   ionic:rundroid — runs the dev server + android hooks
   electron:run — runs electrn hooks only. you need to start the dev server with any of :point_up_2:

The actual build command has not been written yet for v1.0, but it's probably going to be yarn platform:build or something to that effect.

Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions on the Discord or in the issues.


We love contributions! You are welcome to contribute, just keep in mind that we prefer 4 spaces over tabs.

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting us on this project. We want to give a special shout out to the parteons that have supported us. Thanks to Greirson, cyberic, Martin, and Reidel Law Firm for their support!

We could not be here without this community, your insightful feedback, and the support of our generous Patrons. Thank you for using our application, sticking with us, and supporting us along the way.

Designed with ❤️ and 🥗 by #!/Shabang

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