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Magento Open Source

Welcome to the Magento Open Source project! Magento Open Source software delivers basic eCommerce capabilities to build a unique online store from the ground up.

However, for those who need a full-featured eCommerce solution, we recommend Adobe Commerce, which includes our optimized cloud architecture and hosting as well as AI-powered merchandising and analytics.

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Our Community is large and diverse, and our project is enormous. As a contributor, you have countless opportunities to impact product development and delivery by introducing new features or improving existing ones, enhancing test coverage, updating documentation for developers and end-users, catching and fixing code bugs, suggesting points for optimization, and sharing your great ideas.


We encourage experts from the Community to help us with GitHub routines such as accepting, merging, or rejecting pull requests and reviewing issues. Adobe has granted the Community Maintainers permission to accept, merge, and reject pull requests, as well as review issues. Thanks to invaluable input from the Community Maintainers team, we can significantly improve contribution quality and accelerate the time to deliver your updates to production.


Adobe highly appreciates contributions that help us to improve the code, clarify the documentation, and increase test coverage. Check out our Community leaders, superstars, and superheroes on the leaderboard.


We use labels in the GitHub issues and pull requests to help the participants retrieve additional information such as progress, component assignments, or release lines.


Security is one of the highest priorities at Adobe. To learn more about reporting security concerns, visit the Adobe Bug Bounty Program.

Stay up-to-date on the latest security news and patches by signing up for Security Alert Notifications.


Each Magento source file included in this distribution is licensed under OSL 3.0 or the terms and conditions of the applicable ordering document between Licensee/Customer and Adobe (or Magento).

Open Software License (OSL 3.0) – Please see LICENSE.txt for the full text of the OSL 3.0 license.

Subject to Licensee's/Customer's payment of fees and compliance with the terms and conditions of the applicable ordering document between Licensee/Customer and Adobe (or Magento), the terms and conditions of the applicable ordering between Licensee/Customer and Adobe (or Magento) supersede the OSL 3.0 license for each source file.


We are dedicated to our Community and encourage your contributions and welcome feedback through events, our DevBlog, Twitter and YouTube channels, and other Community resources.

To connect with people from the Community and Adobe engineering, join us in Slack. We have a channel for every project. To join a particular channel, send us a request at, or sign up.

If you are a new Community member, check out the following channels:

  • general is an open chat for introductions and Magento 2 questions
  • github is a support channel for GitHub issues, pull requests, and processes
  • public-backlog for discussions of the backlog
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